What is the Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing?

The debate between Traditional and Digital marketing is on fire and after reading this post, most probably you will be clear with the marketing and promotion of your business. The Digital marketing is targeted audience as well as cost-effective whereas Traditional marketing include sales. Brick and Mortar store have some location boundaries but online marketing has a wider global reach with a very small investment only. Here you can get some real indicators that allow you to decide the better one. Personalization is an important aspect of Digital marketing and when applied to business, checks out its pros and cons.

Traditional marketing have all the modes of marketing that are used since the beginning of marketing and advertisements that includes Television, Newspaper, Radio or Ads in the magazine whereas Digital marketing is the mode of online marketing that have influence in almost every reality of life. There are many modes of Digital marketing such as Business networking sites, Promotional ads via emails, Paid popups and Blogs for viral content. No doubt, online marketing have more versatility than the traditional one. No matter where you live but monthly newspaper costs more money than the online advertising, even the young persons can afford them easily to save up some bucks.

With the help of Google analytics, some real time results can be achieved like Number of visitors, Most active time of day, Conversion and Bounce rate (number of visitors leave the site before viewing any other webpage) and unfortunately there is no way get these insights into a Traditional marketing. Limited space and advertisements frequency makes digital marketing wins the situation clearly. Remember the time when popup ads come up on your face and you have allowance to opt out? Yes, this is another advantage of opting out from social media discussions on a brand page. Audience target is an interesting matter of time on the Internet. Expect instant publicity with the online marketing where you need to be more prepared with the investment.

With real time results, the analytics allows you to catch up the work in real time, just in case your results are bothering you much or getting lower you can improve your site from the bad to good and even good to better. The best thing about traditional marketing is that things are tangible and securable.

Major differences between Traditional and Online marketing:

Traditional marketing Digital Marketing
Print media (Newspaper, Magazine ads, Newsletters, Brochures etc.) Websites
Broadcast media Content marketing, Banner and Google ads, Video marketing, Social networking sites)
Proven techniques with higher success rate Cost efficient marketing methods
Long term initiatives Can measure real time audience
Physical storefronts WWW that acts as a distribution channel
Physical interaction is required Downloadable products and services
Bit costly Cost effective mediums
No guarantee for ROI High returns ROI
Physical storefronts Constant accessibility with entry and exit barriers for the companies
Non trackable Trackable (SEO, Online ad buys, Social media channels)

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