Guide to International SEO and why is it so important?

To create content in different languages for particular country is confusing. Who not want to rank their website in different countries to reach out your International SEO?

What is International SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to let the Search engine spiders know and give suitable rankings. International SEO comprises all the activities that can help you to rank your website in targeted countries. The content can be tailored in different languages accordingly for targeted keywords. There is no type of business that should be chosen to target internationally.

Which domain should be purchased for International SEO?

ccTLD: Country Code Top level domain is designed for a specific region or country and also they are based on 2 letter ISO country code. Eg., They are a proven way to let the Users and Search engines know about site’s origin. It gives a geolocalization signal as well as easily marketable.

Sub-Domain: They are a separate site that having concern with your Main URL like They are able to get the local IP address and also easy to rank comparatively. Perfect for new businesses.


Let’s start with the International SEO guide:

1. It all starts with the Research part. Look for your current International organic search visibility that you can check on Google analytics > Audience > Overview > Country. Track your Conversions, Audiences, Organic Search visibility for targeting.

• From which country are you gaining your highest traffic?
• Which are the keywords or pages that attracts the Search engine visibility highest.
• What is the volume for which you are getting traffic.
• What is the Conversion rate for your website?
• Are your visitors coming from top International markets?
• What is the Bounce rate of website? Is it as perfect as 20 or maximum 80?

Once done with these questions, calculate the result. International SEO allows the authority to drive a good amount of traffic and leads from targeted countries that finally maximize your conversions.

2. Keyword research: Being done with the research part now comes keyword targeting which is one of the most difficult parts in the entire SEO campaign. Keep in mind about the relevancy of keywords, long tail keywords, Level of competition (Country wise) and the current rankings. Even the eCommerce sites give better ranking for country targeted approach. Target Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords (4 or more than 4 words) that are easier to rank than broader terms.

3. On page Optimization: Integrate the code and keywords at its most relevant places for optimal impact. The keywords should be placed in the first 100 words respectively. Don’t just adjust them anywhere; they must be visible in Meta Title, Description, URLs and Heading tags. Keyword density, Internal linking and Image optimization should also be kept in the mind. Make sure that the content is Relevant, Indexable as well as Crawlable. Make sure that your website is Responsive / Mobile friendly.

4. Off –Page optimization: They are the activities that are implemented to improve the website’s ranking that includes Link building, Social Media Marketing, Content marketing etc. Successful Off site SEO will increase your Rankings, Page rank, Domain authority and a wide exposure. Basically, it is having Link building strategies like Blog directories, Forums, Commenting and Social submissions. Give more priority to the Do follow backlinks. Don’t fall for quantity only.

Tools for International SEO:

Google Webmaster tool
• Google analytics
• SEMrush
• Moz
• Google keyword planner
• Alexa – to track your progress
• Google trends
• Twitterfall
• Majestic SEO

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