Top 4 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

Instagram doesn’t need any proof of identity to show. It has been one of the most aggressively growing social media marketing platforms in recent years. With more than 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily, the platform has risen to the apex (almost) in the last 10 years since its inception in 2010. The UI of the platform was so engaging and full of potential that enticed Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, to buy it just 18 months after the launch for $1 billion, a big sum of bucks for such deals.

Why Instagram rose to such a height of success and what Mark Zuckerberg saw in the platform? It was all its business-friendly capacities.

Businesses and brands have started reacting more and more to this swiftly growing platform, and out of the top 100 global brands, 90% are on Instagram and showcase their efficacies.

We will the benefits of Instagram for business making-

  1. More than 33.33% of Instagram Users Have Used The It To Buy A Product Online

If you analyze the business strategies of 100 brands, more than 80% of businesses will have a target to boost their sales. So, the keyword here is- sales. At the end of the day, they use Instagram for similar reasons.

It’s imperative to know what and where you’re investing in is worth it and vice-versa. So, how worth Instagram could be? It would be interesting to know.

More than ⅓ of Instagram users have or use Instagram to buy a product online, making them 70% more like to do so who don’t use Instagram.

Now, let punch above mentioned that is Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users, and if we cut its ⅓ part, then it means approx 333,333,333 Instagram users are on the platform to buy a product online.

  1. Instagram Ads Sales and Leads are Trackable So You Can See Clear ROI

Instagram ads are not just more popular than others, but also make sales and lead trackable. Companies can use this feature as aggressively they can.

Since Instagram utilizes the Facebook Ads Manager platform, the track abilities of Instagram are similar to the parent platform.

The social media platform allows a business to see link clicks, leads, conversions and the cost per result on any campaign.

This indicates that whatever is your goal or your objective, you always have permission to map out how many results you achieved on pennies spent.

Adding more to it, you can break down the results to see where they came from depending on gender, age, demographic and device used.

  1. Instagram’s User Base Allows You To Tap Unreached Customer Base

Instagram ads can help you reach the unreached customer base. We already showed the potential on Instagram through its number of monthly and daily active users. Imagine if your business touches such figures, and this is possible on this earth only.

If your business is not present on Instagram, can you be sure that you’re reaching them?

So, if you haven’t moved to Instagram yet, do it before it gets late.

Approx 50% of daily users visit a business profile everyday, but you won’t get the benefit of the platform if you don’t have a business account!

  1. Create An Audience That Will Remain Connected With Your Brand

Instagram has garnered more attraction getting associated with Facebook and it has all paid advertising capabilities which strengthen its parent platform, but it has organic functionality, which Facebook doesn’t have.

By the organic functionality of Instagram, it means actions to be performed or results to be achieved can be done without having to directly pay for these activities.

Comparing it to Facebook, if your business wants to build the number of followers that your business page has, Facebook ads will charge you for this.

Instagram allows you to build your business followers organically. This helps your business to concrete a natural relationship between the brand and the followers.

Instagram is very important for businesses nowadays as it is one of the leading social media marketing platforms. It has numerous features that help a business to make its reach wide and strong.

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